Monday, December 05, 2005

Candy Cane Tea and Earl Grey Cocoa

Check out this creative Candy Cane tea recipe from Morning Coffee and Afternoon Tea!

And, this recipe for Earl Grey Cocoa, from Tea Posur, sounds wonderful!


TeaFan said...

Yumm - They both sound wonderful! I'm going to try the earl grey today.

John de Burque said...

Speaking of earl grey, I tried the green variety this morning and it was really good (loose tea). I am fortunate to live close to a tea store in Nob Hill. The earl cocoa recipe reminded me to share the idea of making your own hot chocolate. I buy dark cocoa powder (it is dutch I believe), mix it into a paste with sugar and milk/water then add more milk and heat it up. The key here is getting really good cocoa. Then I serve it with a square of 70% dark chocolate. Mmmmm.