Thursday, September 07, 2006

Travel Tea Kettle

I recently had a chance to use the Bodum Ibis mini kettle (electric hot water boiler) I purchased several months ago in CA. I'd been looking for a travel kettle that would pack nicely, and this one does it! It's pretty flat, so it fits well in a suit case. It boils enough water for about 3 cups at a time. (The reason I needed this kettle is that I cannot stand the taste of hot water out of a coffee pot...even when no coffee is involved. The coffee flavor penetrates the water and hotel pots are the worst!)

By the way, I purchased this at an incredible tea store in Folsom, CA. Hina's Tea & Sympathy. 1004 E. Bidwell (in the parking lot area, near Trader Joe's). If you're ever in Folsom, check it out. I think Hina is also starting a tea bar in Old Town Sacramento.


Teafan said...

Perfect timing...I'm in the market for one of these!

lauren said...

does it work in different parts of the world with different electrical currents?