Sunday, January 21, 2007

Apron and All

Yep, that's my DH, proudly sporting a lilac floral apron and a teapot! Here's the story behind this great photo. :-) I was supposed to host a recent tea party for the staff at our church, but I had a cold and didn't feel up to it. The DH very capably stepped in for me! I suggested that he should wear my purple apron, for a laugh. Always one ready for a joke, he agreed.

While he doesn't give the "tea talk," he can brew up a mighty-good cuppa. Thank you, sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

He looks lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

it takes a real man to wear a purple flowered apron!

Anonymous said...

Very funny! What a good sport he is!

jp said...

what a character that tom is!!!