Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have begun a writing class, called Women Writing for a Change. This class is very good for me. It is like nothing I've ever done. The focus is to support the work of each writer - nurturing her words and helping her find her own writing path. Feedback is given in a supportive and conscious manner. It is a life-changing experience to participate in the group!

Here are three haiku that I was inspired to write for my class. I wrote these after sitting in my garden this weekend. In case it's been a few years since you've thought about this, a haiku is a non-rhyming poem of Japanese lineage. The poem is made of 17 syllables, in rows of 5 - 7 - 5. Traditionally, haiku are about nature.

Love Lies Bleeding, sway
Your mane beckons my fingers
To touch, to feel, each

Blue morning glory
Opens life to sun, one day
Maiden, mother, crone
Pinched crown of thorns bleeds
Thick, sticky white drops of life
Wound, I hear your gasp


Anonymous said...

Wow - these are very good! I enjoy the photos with them - the pairs work very well. ~DP

Allison said...

The workshop sounds like a wonderful bonding and learning experience! I love your haiku- they have such a peaceful cadence. :)

Teafan said...

I love the one about the morning glory and the single-day lifecycle (Maiden/Mother/Crone).

Cindy said...

Haiku - something I haven't thought of in YEARS. Yours are wonderful Steph - I especially connect with the morning glory haiku.

How many women are in the group? Do the assignments vary in genre so that you get to write a wide range of things? I'm SO glad you're doing this!