Monday, December 03, 2007

Sew Much Fun, It Seams!

Over the past 2 years, I've been learning how to sew and I'm having "sew much fun, it seams!" It really is a marvelous creative outlet for me. I'm progressively getting braver. Special thanks go to my very own sewing coach, AZ Tea Lover! Here are a few things I've made recently...

I did a big happy dance when this skirt was done b/c I love the fabric! I also had a huge learning curve! First, the fabric was a remnant and the pattern layout didn't fit, so I had to figure out my own layout, which seemed to work fine. I also sewed darts for the first time.

Second, I didn't really follow the instructions b/c they didn't make sense. It worked out fine in the end, but I learned to sew the zipper side FIRST and then the other side. (I didn't do it this way and ended up sewing the zipper to the other side of the skirt -- twice! Thank goodness I've learned to delicately rip seams.)

Third, the fabric is slippery. It's the first time I've used non-cotton fabric. I now get the concept about pulling the fabric along as it moves (or in some cases - doesn't b/c I wasn't pulling!) Whew! I wore this skirt on Friday to see the Nutcracker Ballet and was so happy!

This apron was easy to make, but took much longer than I anticipated! I used an apron someone else had made for me as the pattern. What took so long is that I had to make these tiny hems all the way around and then also make the neck look and the ties. That would be easy as pie for experienced sewers, but it took me a while. And then I had to figure out how to sew the rickrack. (Thanks, K, for the advice!) I think I've really fallen for rickrack! Doesn't it look cute? Oh, and check out the lovely teacup fabric! :-)

These pillows match my perfectly bright, sunshiny, ORANGE bed spread. An unusual color, yes, but it's my favorite and makes me very happy! Thanks to AZ Tea Lover for the many pillow tips!


MEP said...

I have many sewing projects planned but lack the skill and know-how to execute them . . . I'm willing to experiment and figure it out. My main problem now is that I've forgotten how to thread my machine. Hopefully my mom can help me when she's in town next.

I'm very impressed with your creations, sew pretty!

Kas said...

Congrats Steph! These are glorious projects. I'm inspired! J bought me a new sewing machine for our wedding anniversary back in May and it's really wonderful. But I don't use it for material really, I've mostly used it to sewn paper projects!

sewinstuff said...

I really like you blog. I have one and am trying to keep it up.
Your sewing projects look great!:)
I have been sewing for almost 30 years (whew gettin old) and taught sewing for a number so if you ever need anything I would love to help.
I really mean that I am scared sewing is a lost art I want to do what I can to preserve it.
On your Apron to avoid all the hemming (even an experienced seamstress hates to do) just line it. Cut two fronts two backs I even line my pockets. Your lining can be a different fabric I use what ever I have or if I must I buy it is something inexpensive. I have made one side in Thanksgiving and one side in Christmas and viola two gifts in one. Another benefit it makes the apron mort sturdy.
I hope this was clear and helpful.

Good luck and keep sewinstuff:)
Stop by if you get a chance

Sorry this is so long

Anonymous said...

Love to see your sewing projects. That is a skill that I have not yet developed but hope to one day. Also I love to see the teapot pendant in one of your photos! Best wishes.

crescent said...

your enthusiasm for sewing is reminding me to get back to sewing. i used to make most of my own clothes, clothes for my nieces and nephews, quilts, etc. this winter.. i'm open to returning to the sewing...

thanks for sharing. nice work.

when you work with knits you need to use a different needle... one that is rounded so it won't tear the knit fabric... and that'll help it move along more easily as well.

keep going!

Steph said...

Thank you, dear readers, for both the encouragement AND the tips! :-)

Allison said...

Very cool stuff! Rickrack always reminds me of gingerbread houses- I'm not sure why, but it is cute!
(cute post title too :) )

anna pieka valentine said...

I'm impressed! And inspired! Great work~ and it was fun to bump into you at the Uptown tonight. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed in how you are becoming a semstress. Grandma Tressie would be so happy. I wish she was here to give you little tidbits of advice and encouragement. Keep it up, you will be making Lola little frilly dresses:}

Angela McRae said...

You are doing a great job with your sewing projects. I'm impressed! And envious ... do you mind sharing the source of your teacup fabric used for the apron? Thanks!

sweetcakes said...

Wow! You are quite the seamstress! Where did you get the darling teacup fabric?????

p.s. I also loved the pictures of the baby blanket that you made!

Ginger said...


Great job on your sewing projects. You should be very proud.

I've been sewing since I was a child but always learn something new with each project.

If you want to try knits, Kwik Sew patterns have some great knit patterns. You can buy them a Joann's, Hancock's, etc or on line. Just remember to measure yourself and then the pattern and decide how much ease you want in your finished garment. Just because the pattern says your measurements match up to a size whatever doesn't mean you have to make that size. I often make a size smaller. Christine Jonson patterns are great for knits too.