Thursday, September 25, 2008

London Cuppa

Has anyone tried London Cuppa tea? I inherited a tin from my neighbor. The tea claims to be formulated to appeal to the British palate and for London's water.

The cup is "brisk" to be sure. Taken straight, I found that it overwhelmed me. When I added milk and sugar, it was a nicer experience. It's a blend of Assam and Kenyan tea. It's not a tea for me on a regular basis. Nonetheless, if you like a strong/intense tea, I think you will like this! Also see the Tea with Friends review. :-)


Angela McRae said...

I'm glad to hear you think this is a strong tea as well. Maybe our American palates just aren't used to it!

Teafan said...

Those are really great photos - the black/white of the tin canister against the black iron and the brightness of the day.

parTea lady said...

I guess I'm a hardened tea drinker, but I really like the London Cuppa tea. One reason I prefer a robust blend is that I drink my black tea with milk, British style, although I don't add sugar. This brand has become my everyday tea and I can usually find it in teabags at Marshalls.

I enjoy a weaker brew in a green or oolong tea, but usually later in the day.

Anonymous said...

I am a Brit now living in Florida and have tried American domestic teas and they are all too weak. I had never heard of the London Cuppa (it is a relatively new brand), however it has now become my daily tea.

Where I am from tea was always taken with milk but never sugar except when eating a Cornish pasty and then it was with sugar but without the milk. I believe it has something to do with tin miners but not sure of the actual reason.

Anyway, if you like your tea strong like they do in the UK you will be pleased with this.

I also get mine at Marshalls which is also a good source of Yorkshire Tea and things like Walkers shortbread. I pay $5.99 for 80 bags which lasts about 3 weeks as I am the only tea drinker in the house.

Anonymous said...

I am in Leicester, England. I drink The London Cuppa, what a great cup o` tea, the first cup is great,and I always want a second, and have it! That`ll last me for a few hours of good hard graft, then a sit down with another cuppa. It`s a grand life for an old engraver like me, cheers me dears.
Geoff Moore, Leicester, England. Google gmengraver

Anonymous said...

Love, LOVE, LOVE the London Cuppa -my husband and I enjoy a cuppa (or two) every afternoon - haven't been able to find it at TJ Maxx for the past month BUT am planning to order it online from - they have it in bags of 440 as well - yes! Our Christmas will now be complete with a great cuppa tea!

Anonymous said...

Just recently purchased the London Cuppa tea and was extremely satisfied by the taste of it! Truly I love exotic blends and thai chai teas and all but speaking as an 18 yr old American male in a country where youngsters of my age would convulse to the idea of tea and culturally enriched foods I can truly say that I just love the London Cuppa! its so strong and just awesome :P Actually, I think I'll brew some tea right now!