Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spicy Herbed Vinegar

I've been making spicy herbed vinegar, and I'm loving it! It's a simple recipe from the Complete Book of Small-Batch Preserving (thank you, Library!) The peppers are from the Farmer's Market. The rosemary and garlic are from the garden. The vinegar is the plain white stuff. (You could use fancy vinegars. However, the white stuff works well and is very economical.)

The vinegar is very versatile as a condiment or finishing splash of flavor. Consider using it on:
  • Kale chips , my favorite way to use the vinegar! I use it in the wet mixture, as well as splashing it on the baked chips.
  • Raw or steamed veggies, as a flavor splash.
  • Rice, as a flavor splash.
  • Salad, mixed with oil as a dressing.
It's a fun and colorful way to put the summer herbs to use before the frosts come!


Teafan said...

Like the new header, esp the jumping. Don't land in a teacup! ;-)

Marilyn Miller said...

Great idea! My husband likes to make the herbed vinegars.

tea for today said...

Great, I made purple basil and tarragon this summer - isn't it the most fun?