Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chocolate and Orchids and Poems

These chocolates and the orchid came from some sweethearts. Thank you, my circle of friends!I thought the poems fit well and hope you enjoy both the visuals and the poetry.

Cocoa, divine
by Dorean Malandra-Dara

O sweet divinity
dark lusciousness of a time put off
guide me through the tides of crimson rushes
there is none finer that I may know
than perhaps a dip into the passions
that ethyr knows not

my dark love
bind the curse by one and two and three
rid the pain from thee
as i indulge in your flavorful essence
once more.
just an indulgence here and there
but once a month thou art my saviour
dedicated to consume and devour
until all pain has been curbed
and lust dissolved.

Woman as Orchid
by Isolde

People say that Orchids are hard to care for,
An urban legend that swirls around those bright
Beautiful red blue orange pink yellow dark light
Flowers goddesses that
Lean and lounge sensually from every
Elite doorstep, every corporate hallway
And are so often looked past in florist's windows because
A vicious reputation precedes them.
Yet my orchids grow, wild and fair
With hardly a care from my almost-
Green hands, reaching, floating,
Dripping down their own stems
Filling the world of my room with
Such an effortless exotic grace and Pop.

Orchids are women, a female flower
Then women are orchids as well?

Women are lush, curved, open and pinked
Sometimes blooming, sometimes waiting
Catching the sunlight as it dapples in
White yellow spots on our shiny leaves,
Stems and buds.

People say that women can be hard to care for,
An urban legend that swirls around our
Long hair and pointed shoes,
Every day goddesses that
Lean and lounge and work and play
And hurt and cry and love and laugh
And try and fail and try and win and
Hope and pray and want and need and
Walk past you, day in and day out
Searching for a place or a way to set down
Our own roots, our own strength
In a world that sighs and says
"they are pretty, but too much work...I'll take
A peace lily instead."


Mary Jane said...

Oh, Steph, what a wonderful post and fab photos.

I love,love,love, the poem about women and orchids. What wonderful imagery. So thought provoking.

Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoy your lovely gifts.

Mary Jane

Steph said...

Mary Jane - I miss you! I saw pictures of your event for the Afternoon Tea celebration!

Angela McRae said...

I knew I would love this post from your title alone, and it fully lived up to my best expectations! Fun!

Marilyn said...

Oh, two things I do love, chocolate and orchids. Like Mary Jane, I did really enjoy the poem comparing women and orchids.

Marlena said...

Wonderful wonderful, wonderful. You deserve such gifts and such friends!