Thursday, August 05, 2010

1000 Layer Cracker

On a recent Trader Joe's shopping excursion, these "1000 layer crackers" caught my attention.  According to the package, they've been enjoyed in China for ages.

While there may not actually be 1000 layers, these are very delicious and simple crackers.  In fact, I was super impressed by the short ingredients list: wheat flour, palm oil, sugar, sesame, salt.

I really, really liked the sweet-salty-sesame mix of the crackers, and the texture was also fantastic.  However, each cracker is wrapped individually in plastic.  Excessive.  I probably won't buy them again because of that.  Dang it.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic texture... due to individual wrapping. Would you buy if again if they were less crisp?

Steph said...

Kris - I would eat them so fast, it wouldn't be a problem!

Anonymous said...

Stick with your position, Steph. Excessive packaging is rampant and if we don't make a statement with our wallets, we do the planet a disservice. Teafan

amherstrose said...


Miss you too! Hope you are enjoying discovering some fun adventures in your new location.

Send your thoughts to TJ's. I recently noticed that they are reducing the packaging on some of their products. I purchased two packages of their Cookie Thins. The meyer lemon flavor had an extra plastic tray in them and the triple ginger box did not. Same number of cookies. Less packaging.
Cookies were fabulous!

Have a Happy Day!

Mary Jane

Marilyn said...

Oh they do look good.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I heard about the wonderfulness of these crackers from a friend. Today, I went to TJ's to purchase some and was told that TJ's dropped this item on August 11.

Does anyone know of another place I can purchase them?

Anonymous said...

I also want to know where to find them. Don't like the calorie fact or the wrapping, either. BUT the crackers are very good. Sandra

Anonymous said...

These crackers are VERY good! It’s too bad they do not sale them in Colorado.