Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Ladies Grey and Wallis and Edward

I guess I've been on a British kick lately.
Last night, I talked the DH into watching the Wallis and Edward DVD with me.  I enjoyed it (speaking only for myself here).  That's not a part of history (British and American) I'm much acquainted with, so it was interesting and educational.  (I find the British monarchy a historical curiosity and at the same time ridiculous.)

I also just finished the book, The Sisters Who Would Be Queen.  The book was well researched and showed that love, religious strife and ambition played as much a role in the 1500s as they do today.  Set among the time prior to and during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, it tells the story of the Grey sisters who also had claims to the throne. I read it like a novel!

What are your favorite British works, either novels or historical pieces?


Marilyn said...

The book sounds intriguing.

parTea lady said...

The Spider King by Lawrence Schoonover was quite facinating. It is a biography of Louis XI of France.

Of course, Oliver Twist is one of my very favorite British works and probably my favorite Dickens novel.

Angela McRae said...

I will have to check out the "Wallis and Edward" DVD! Thanks for the review!