Thursday, July 28, 2011

Midnight Serenaders

The DH and I recently attended a concert by the Midnight Serenaders at the Chinese Classical Garden.  They sing vintage jazz and swing, and it was great fun!  A mix of original songs and old favorites.

The garden roses and mock orange were in full bloom.

Our friend Marilyn and her husband were also at the concernt.  Marilyn brought tea to share, how thoughtful and tasty!  It was an aged Buddha Hand, very lovely!

What a wondeful way to spend a summer evening.
Here you can listen to Midnight Serenaders...enjoy!


La Tea Dah said...

Dreamy! A perfect, perfect evening!

Linda J. said...

Looks like a very Tea-lightful evening!!

Marilyn said...

Yes, it was a perfect evening. The music and friendship made it so.


What a delightful sounding evening! And what incredible scenery! And to have tea, it was just the topping on the cake I'll bet!

Angela McRae said...

You AND Marilyn -- and your DH's -- all at the same lovely event? I'm officially jealous!