Friday, August 12, 2011

Forever Stamps (or, to tarry)

Forever stamps plus postcard stamps

When was the last time you allowed yourself to tarry in the post office, to take in all the stamps that are available to you?  It's a sign that I'm on sabbatical that I've recently taken the time for this pleasure.  That's something I intend to change once my time off is over.  I need to tarry more for myself, rather than running to the beat of another's drum.

When you next visit the post office next, make it an adventure.  Check out the wide variety of forever stamps!  Selections include the ones above (except the flowers on the bottom right - those are postcard stamps), plus many more!  While the liberty bells are lovely, they are getting a bit old, you know?  I'm so glad we now have many choices.

I'm super pleased with the "Go Green" series below.  I bought two books of these.  (Note:  These are books of 16.)

For me, postal stamps are a fun way to send a happy thought out with bills, business correspondence, and especially letters.  Before I open a letter, I enjoy taking in the stamp and the postmark.  They invite me to tarry.

"Green" forever stamps - Use the green one in the middle, too!


Marilyn said...

Did you see the one that says "Celebrate" with balloons. That is the one I purchased last. I am in the post office quite often and often there is a line, so I do have time to tarry.

{ T G L } said...

How fun! I love stamps... but I love letters even better :)

Enjoy such pleasant, small luxuries of your Sabbatical!

This Good Life

parTea lady said...

It was fun to see all those stamp choices. I'm a little tired of the liberty bell stamps too. Now I'm reminded to take some time and go through our stamp collections at home.

Marlena said...

My DH collects stamps and some are just gorgeous. I loved the go green ones.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, I LOVE those postcard stamps! I should get those to use with all those freebie postcards I get with the teapot calendar I buy each year (they're pretty and would be thrifty too -- perfect)!