Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blueberries and Bees

Blueberry bushes in bloom

Do you like blueberries?  Thank the bees!  Bee pollination of the flowering bushes is crucial to a prolific harvest.  Last weekend we rode our bikes near blueberry fields and saw the bees at work!  You could hear the hum of the active hives.

Notice the bees surrounding the entrance to the hives

According to the Haagen-Daz website dedicated to helping save the bees, the little workers pollinate one-third of our food supply.  Colony Collapse Disorder is a major threat to bees (and ultimately, to humans). 

So what can we do to help the bees?  Here are a few ideas.  An Internet search will show others. 
  • Grow a backyard or patio/balcony garden with bee-friendly plants (check what's good in your state).
  • Keep your garden pesticide-free.  Pesticides can kill bees on-the-spot, or endanger the hive when the poisons are carried back.
  • Buy honey from local bee keepers.
  • Become a hobby bee keeper.
  • Encourage your government officials to infuse money into bee research.

Of course, if you are seriously allergic to bee stings, you should be extra-careful!  More info on bee stings.

What are your thoughts about helping bees?


Teafan said...

Love the little furry buggers!

Anonymous said...

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