Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Back Balcony: Before/After

OK, this one's for Mom and those of you who have seen my home...but I hope all of you enjoy! 

The sad back balcony, empty and with a winter's worth of green growth

The back balcony had been a pebble in my shoe all winter.  Early this summer, we transformed this space!  The DH scrubbed the floor with a wire broom, getting off all the moss and slime from the winter.  THANK you!  Then we added patio furniture and some color and visual interest.  I am very pleased with this cheerful space!

I made these flags from fabric scraps and hung some strips on the lantern
(which we don't use, so no concerns of fire)

Beautiful New Guinea Impatiens
We have lovely borrowed views from our neighbor's garden
And I've enjoyed entertaining from the balcony!


relevanttealeaf said...

Very nice, Steph! Your mom will be proud! ;-) You can sip lots of tea from your new outdoor space.

Anonymous said...

It really looks great! I know you will enjoy using the balcony.
Love ya, Mom

Pearl's Tea said...

Your little balcony looks grand and colorful! Nice job- a liitle work and alot of enjoyment!

Marilyn said...

Nice! Isn't it funny how a bit of sprucing up feels so good.

Anonymous said...

A new place to sit and sip.
Love the view. Enjoy.

Angela McRae said...

Love the transformation, and I know you must be enjoying the new look and fresh air! Bravo!

Michelle said...

It's amazing what a few simple touches can do. It looks so nice! I would love to sit with you out there.