Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oregon Garden Tea Plant

Strolling through the Oregon Garden grounds, the DH and I spied several tea plants!

More and more, tea is being grown in this part of the world. I recently read about a small scale tea farm nearby. That is definitely on the to-see list!


Linda at Friendship Tea said...

Wow! That is an impressive Oregon tea plant!

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to encounter our beloved camellia sinensis in an unexpected place. It looks so lovely and green! Someone must be taking good care of it.

Mary Jane

Marilyn said...

I see buds there, just like mine. There once was tea production in Oregon that closed down, so I am happy to hear someone is going for it again.

Angela McRae said...

Wow, and I thought my plant looked good! I had not heard of any tea being grown in your neck of the woods, so I'll look forward to future news of the tea farm!