Thursday, September 05, 2013


Whether, like me, you pronounce this "zee-nya" or say "zinn-ee-uh", the zinnia flower is worth a closer look. Old-fashioned and sturdy, it packs an intense color rush.  My grandmother used to grow a very long row of these alongside her garden. So many colors!  She could see them from her bedroom window.  When I think of zinnia's, I think of summers spent with Grandma.  What do they bring to mind for you?


amherstrose said...

Such Happy Flowers! My Mom grew them too, every Summer, and it was always fun to see what colors grew from that magic packet of seeds. Thanks for bringing back a sweet memory for me, Steph.

Have a happy day.


Mary Jane

Rosemary said...

Assorted colorful zinnias (zinn-ee-uhs) are on my tables right now anticipating the arrival of guests for tea. To me, they speak of an intensity for life - they are so vibrant, so intense, so glorious.

Angela McRae said...

A friend of mine wrote a lovely essay in a magazine once about zinnias (which I pronounce as you do -- never heard of zinn-ee-uh, which is interesting!). I remember my mom growing these when I was a little girl, but I didn't much like them because they were orange (sorry!). Today, I pretty much adore every flower in every color, and now I think zinnias are SUPPOSED to be orange, ha!