Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Was to Be Having Tea

I was to be having tea
But I was home with the flu
A little blue

I scowled at the banana
You call it ripe, I call it dead
Good for bread

Grapefruit ready
Tea to steep
I start to weep

But then I think
Do not dismay
Look at this day!

The sun is out
My head breathes free
And I have my tea


Marilyn said...

Your poem does portray just what we sometimes feel when not feeling well. I would have loved sitting there, having tea, grapefruit, and banana bread. Oh yummmm!

Rosemary said...

Fun poem! Hope you're feeling better.

jan e. said...

Was his on wuwo day??? I can feel your melancholy and commitment to making the most of the time.

Linda @ Friendship Tea said...

Feel better soon!

Angela McRae said...

You have definitely used lemons to make lemonade with this one! (Hope you're feeling better!)

Tea Savant Teas said...

A great poem... and a reminder that tea heals all ;)

Shanna said...

Steph-I read in an RSS feeder so almost never comment. However, I love to read your posts-and the poetry is wonderful. I saw this article and thought of you.