Saturday, January 25, 2014

I Was to Be Having Tea

I was to be having tea
But I was home with the flu
A little blue

I scowled at the banana
You call it ripe, I call it dead
Good for bread

Grapefruit ready
Tea to steep
I start to weep

But then I think
Do not dismay
Look at this day!

The sun is out
My head breathes free
And I have my tea


Marilyn Miller said...

Your poem does portray just what we sometimes feel when not feeling well. I would have loved sitting there, having tea, grapefruit, and banana bread. Oh yummmm!

Rosemary said...

Fun poem! Hope you're feeling better.

jan e. said...

Was his on wuwo day??? I can feel your melancholy and commitment to making the most of the time.

Linda Jennings said...

Feel better soon!

Angela McRae said...

You have definitely used lemons to make lemonade with this one! (Hope you're feeling better!)

Tea Savant Teas said...

A great poem... and a reminder that tea heals all ;)

Shanna said...

Steph-I read in an RSS feeder so almost never comment. However, I love to read your posts-and the poetry is wonderful. I saw this article and thought of you.