Saturday, June 21, 2014

Everlasting Summer

Margie sensei making tea

Toko Natsu Zuki
Everlasting Summer

Everlasting summer - A lovely poetic phrase that reflects today's long hours of sun.  

I had the intimidating but wonderful privilege today to be host and make tea at the Japanese Garden, my first time giving a demonstration tea here. As is true each time I make tea, the experience is unique and full of lessons.  Despite my shaking hands, I managed to make it through reasonably well. After making tea, I also enjoyed the gift of being a guest.  

Below I will share some pictures and the flow of being a guest.

We walked to the tea room by way of the peaceful garden path

Oh, I should mention that today is the first time I dressed in kimono all by myself.  :-) It only took 2.5 hours.
Receiving the sweet before the tea

Scooting forward to retrieve my bowl of tea

Joining the first guest to drink a bowl of tea

Enjoying the delicious bowl of tea

Taking a farewell look at the tokonoma, with the scroll and flower

The day was glorious!  An easy temperature; not hot, not cold, a subtle breeze, a fat robin hopping around with a worm. What a wonderful way to spend the solstice!


Ana said...

I love that you made tea and dressed yourself in kimono! Beautiful pics too.

Steph said...

Thank you to fellow student SR for taking the photos!

Geoff said...

Seriously cool! I forgot they sometimes do Chanoyu there.

Marilyn said...

Yes, it was a perfect day for celebrating solstice with tea in the garden. Oh and a robin with a worm is just a perfect exclamation mark. Lovely to see the photos of you and Margie.

La Tea Dah said...

There are no words adequate to describe the pleasure I take in reading your post today. What an honor for you to conduct a tea ceremony at Japanese Gardens --- and an equal honor for those who were able to attend/view the ceremony. And it was nice to see other friendly faces in your post as well. Savor is a word that comes to mind. Or tranquil hospitality.

Siret said...

Dear Steph,
thank you so much for your wonderful japanese impressions!
You look very beautiful in the kimono, celebrating the tea-ceremony!
Sunny greetings, Siret

Mom said...

You look beautiful in your kimono! Glad you had this experience and hope you have many more.

Angela McRae said...

I can't imagine you had any cause to be nervous! And that picture of the garden path is truly storybook perfect!

Steph said...

Thank you all! Angela - My hands were shaking so much I could barely set the tea scoop where it needed to go! ;-)

Rosemary said...

What a beautiful tea ceremony. The path to the tea room is so peaceful and tranquil. It has been so enjoyable following along on your journey.