Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Otsukimi, Moon Viewing

Otsukimi is the annual moon viewing festival, celebrated generally on the full moon in September (it's based on a very old calendar system, so this can occasionally fall in October).  I am so lucky to live near the Japanese Garden in Portland!  The Garden hosts a special moon viewing event for three nights.  It's a rare opportunity to be in the garden after dark.

I was honored to be able to help my senpai (Sr. Students) with the tea ceremony demonstrations last evening at the tea house in the garden. We did three rounds.  During the first round, I was a guest and got to enjoy a delicious bowl of tea and the sweet shown below.  During the second round, I made tea.  Here are some photos from the garden and the tea house.

The tea garden, lanterns lit

Special seasonal sweet, named kikuyu, a fall grass that many of us know as balloon flower

Tokonoma with scroll that invites us to stop and listen to the wind in the pine




Teafan said...


Marilyn said...

I would have loved this viewing. What a special time to view the full moon in the garden. Love seeing the lantern lite too.

Amanda Wilson said...

I have never experienced a more formal moon viewing event, mine have always been set up by me in my yard :) Going to a traditional garden or temple is really high on my list of 'to dos'

Angela McRae said...

Based on all your blog posts about it, I will have to visit this garden when I visit Portland! (Notice that I'm saying "when" now, not "if"!)

Martha e said...

How special to participate in a tea ceremony in such a beautiful and serene setting.

Years ago, I would go to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park every chance I had. Yours in Portland is just beautiful and I would love to be able to visit it.