Friday, December 12, 2014

Book: Ancient Art of Tea

"Without water, there can be no discussion of tea."
Xu Ci Xu

I've been slowly working my way through this book, sent to me for review by Tuttle Publishing.  I move through this book slowly because there's much to learn and absorb.  

The book is great for someone (like me) who loves to geek out on tea. The author, Warren Peltier, takes ancient texts and translates them, while also making some pointed commentary on his own when it's useful.  Peltier says in the preface, "Some readers may be familiar with the "God of Tea", Lu Yu, and his Classic of Tea, but what did other tea masters of the same or later periods have to write about tea brewing and preparation?  This book is a record of what they said."

Segmented into major sections that discuss the Art of Tea, Water for Tea, Preparing Fire for Tea, Taste of Tea and Tea Etiquette, it's a book best red in sips, not gulps.  A book returned to as a reference and a prompt for reflection. I can't say it's easy reading, because we're traveling back in time, but I can say for me it's pretty fascinating!  

If you're into Chinese tea and history, this book is for you.

Tea drinking has fixed times each day: pre-dawn, breakfast time, forenoon,
meal time, evening, and at sunset.
 Wen Long


Teafan said...

I think this is one I'm going to have to seriously consider!

Kamyria said...

I love reading books about tea

Snap said...

I need another book on tea like I need a hole in the head! BUT ... I'll give this one a look.
Merry Merry!!!

Rosemary said...

Great review... love your comment 'best read in sips, not gulps'.

Nicole Martin said...

This was a really enjoyable books. I love tea reads that require you to take your time. It just seems more fitting that way :)

Marilyn said...

Sounds fascinating! Thanks for such a good review.

Angela McRae said...

I love your phrase "geek out on tea." I think I'm a kindred spirit in that regard!