Thursday, June 25, 2015

Red and Black Currants and Chimney Cake

I've mentioned that Oregon is berry heaven, right?  At the Farmer's Market last weekend, I was surprised and delighted to find currants, red and black.  I've been eating them out of hand all week and enjoying their tart, but distinct flavors. 

The black currants are plumper.  To me, they have a mild anise flavor in addition to the berry tartness. It's unexpected in a berry, and I like it. The red currants are bright pops of pucker with a finish of sweetness. They're just so cute!

I was also pleased to find this chimney cake, or Kürtőskalács. I had only learned of their existence a few days before, but the baker was sold out. What good fortune, to find these being sold at my neighborhood Farmer's Market! They're fun and delicious. It's a sweet yeast bread, not really a cake, and makes a beautiful display. They're cooked on a rolling pin device.

What summer treasures have you discovered lately?


Rosemary said...

Those fresh berries look delicious... and I love your description a 'pop of pucker'! A friend recently harvested some black raspberries for me - I quickly made a batch of whole wheat muffins. That's what I've been enjoying all week! Now, that chimney cake looks interesting - I've never heard of that. The idea of using a rolling pin to bake it on is interesting.

Margie said...

This is the first time I've heard of chimney cake. Looks like it'll go well with a cup of tea!

Marilyn Miller said...

Chimney cake and berries, what could be better. I have never heard of chimney cake, but must go looking for it now. Sounds just plain yummy with a good cup of tea.