Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Five Cups

Five Cups

Five cups wait
Like wise ones

They know their time
To be useful
Will come

And they may need
The strength to 
Serve it up hot

Or to allow
Things to cool off

Maybe their touch
In your hand
Is enough

The delicate curve
The spiral
Into eternity

I'm celebrating today! I am officially on sabbatical.  Like these five cups, the next five weeks are waiting for their time to be useful, to be touching, to heat and to cool.  I will be spending my hours in reflection, writing, visiting with family and friends, drinking tea and playing with the DH.  


Marilyn Miller said...

How exciting! I wish you well with amazing adventures for the next five weeks. Hooray!

Snap said...

YeeHaw! Enjoy!!!!!

Rosemary said...

How absolutely wonderful! Enjoy each and every refreshing day!

Margie said...

Happy Summer Sabbatical! Enjoy your time out!

Angela McRae said...

Five weeks of sabbatical! How wonderful! May they be restful, fruitful, and full of things that bring you joy!

Nora @ Teacup Tales said...

I like your plans for the sabbatical. Enjoy!