Friday, January 22, 2016

Tea on a Yacht (London)

Well, I enjoyed something yesterday that I had never dreamed. I had afternoon tea on a yacht. I'm in London for a work trip, at the Excel convention center. It's quite far outside of downtown London and I wasn't sure I would find much extra curricular fun.  How wrong I was!  There are lots of hotels out this way that serve afternoon tea, and a really cool museum I will write about soon. 

I had read about the Sunborn Yacht Hotel and its tea service before I arrived.  It seemed nearby and I was trying to figure out the train system to get myself there. Imagine my surprise when I went for a walk and discovered the yacht was moored literally next door to the convention center! Oh, lucky me!

It's not what I think of as a yacht.  It's very large. The picture above shows the lobby entry. The staff is exceptional. When I called to make a reservation, the restaurant hostess took me on as a special case - I was calling outside the 48 hours notice and I was a party of one (they typically require two). She spoke with the chef and called me back - I would be very welcome.  

The restaurant uses Tea Forte served on a pretty white tray.  Here you can see not only the tea service but also the view from my table. I saw the Thames and skyscrapers of London.

Scones: Fruit scones with jam and a giant vat of Devonshire cream (below), of which I did my best to consume.

Sandwiches: Cucumber with creme fraiche on rosemary white bread, grated hen eggs with chive mayo on wholemeal bread, honey roasted ham with salted butter and mustard on onion bread and smoked salmon with cream cheese on walnut date bread. I believe it was black walnut, a special flavor.

Desserts: Berry macaron, cream filled tuile cup and chocolate cup with espresso bean

I was dining alone and didn't have any of my normal friends with me - a book or my journal. Instead, I sat and appreciated the view.  Below you can see a gondola that goes across the Thames. I hope I work this show again next year!  :-)


Snap said...

Wow! Fun fun fun. Enjoy your time in London!

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh Steph,
This is so special in so many ways. The food and the view are just wonderful. I hope you get to do this show again next year too. Have a good trip home. m

Rosemary said...

What a fantastic adventure! How exciting to find the yacht was so close to the convention center. Loved all the pictures you shared - you look so happy!

Julia Cieslak said...

oh my goodness that sounds fantastic! Wish I had been with you on the yacht! :D

Margie said...

What a unique afternoon tea experience! Thank you taking us along your nautical adventure.