Saturday, February 10, 2018

Yum Cha in Hong Kong, Lock Cha Tea House

Yum Cha is a practice, associated with Hong Kong and Cantonese-speaking parts of China, of having tea and dim sum (a variety of small dishes).  It's like brunch. I was recently in Hong Kong and had a chance to visit the Lock Cha tea house to enjoy this custom.

See the tea kettle to the side?  It's cleverly built into the table. 

We enjoyed a yellow tea (top) and a Phoenix oolong (bottom). 
The oolong was called "greenish" tea in English. 

Veggie dumplings

Cakes of pu-erh and other tea


Marilyn Miller said...

I am so happy you were able to make time to go here. It sounds wonderful. Tea and dumplings, what's not to love.

Margie said...

I like how the tea kettle was on the table. I've had dumplings countless of times, but have never thought of enjoying them with tea!