Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Do Less with More

Drinking Picasso Soiree, a gift from a friend. An intensely caramel scented tea.

I'm practicing doing fewer things. This is tough for me, as I'm generally a "joiner" kind of gal. I like to volunteer and sign up for things! I also know well the discomfort of being overextended. So I'm working very hard to say "no" more often. My thought is that I will do less, but with more energy, more positiveness, more anticipation, more creative ideas. I'll have more of me to bring because I'm not spread in too many other places.

So far, so good - tho I have been challenged! For example, I've said no to a committee at my church. Instead, I said yes to a "greeter" role that requires no more of my time than an ordinary service.

This concept extends beyond my time, to my resources. I said no to a great eBay deal on my favorite china pattern (Old Country Roses) - and it was a sweet deal! However, if I bought it, then I'd have to store it, and I'm trying to downsize. I need the space (physically and mentally) more than I need the teacups. I can own less, but enjoy it more.

How can you do less with more? Wouldn't it be cool if Americans did this, in general? If we did less shopping, less buying, less complaining...and had more of our true, uncommercial selves to give?

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your words of wisdom. Remember I'm watching to see if you do what you say about downsizing.(Ha) Everyone could do some of this.
Woman from Illinois