Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tea Tasting with the Formula 1 Crew

I had so much fun hosting a recent tea tasting! Four friends and I gathered on a Monday afternoon (the day after the Formula 1 race) to inspect several different teas. The crew was an interesting mix: graphic designer, italian car mechanic, engineering student, PhD student, and me. A commonality among all of us was an appreciation for tea and chocolate (especially French Silk pie!).

We tasted 6 teas total. We started with a white tea, tightly hand shaped (in little spirals). This special tea was called 100 Monkeys. Then we moved to a tied green tea, with a red clover inside. This tea opened as it steeped to reveal the clover. I don't know much about this tea, as it was a gift from a friend who had visited China. The third tea was Gen Mai Cha, a green tea with toasted brown rice. The fourth tea was the lovely oolong, Bai Hao. The last tea in the tasting was an aged Pu-Erh. After reviewing each of these teas, we had a nice lunch. With lunch, we sipped Iced Wine tea.

The conversation was fascinating. I learned much about Formula 1 racing, and this year's political and safety issues with the race.

Thanks to my visitors for the wonderful company. I hope it can be a yearly event!


Connie said...

Steph - can't say you hang with boring people. How fun! I learn more from you about all the differnt types of teas...there are sooo many! thanks for sharing...

Allison said...

All of the teas sound so nice and I love white tea!