Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More on Lemon Curd...

I was so inspired by the previous Lemon Curd conversation, that I made a Lemon Curd cake over the weekend.

1 - Bake a white or lemon cake as directed, in two round cake pans.
2 - Cool the cakes completely.
3 - Cut off the rounded top of one, if needed, so the cakes stack flatly.
4 - In between the two cakes, spread a think layer of lemon curd. I use Dickinson's.
5 - On the top of the cake, drizzle lemon curd and powdered-sugar icing. (You can flavor the icing with lemon juice, if desired. I also added poppy seeds.) The lemon curd and icing should form strips on top of the cake, and pretty little pools of alternating color at the bottom. You may need to encourage these pools.
6 - Top with pretty flowers. Mine were white mums with yellow centers, courtesy of the DH.


Thomas Brinshock said...

Thanks for your comment at my Wonders of Tea blog. Nice to know people actually read it now and again.
Wish I could update it as often as you do yours. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cake - was it tasty?

Keri Randall said...

Did you actually make the cake or did the DH? :) - Keri

Allison said...

The cake looks yummy! I'm a chocoholic first but LOVE anything lemon second. I think I may just have a jar of lemon curd in the pantry...hmmm..on my way there now! ;)