Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Delsey Luggage

A few of you were interested in my Delsey Helium luggage. I have the 21" suiter and the personal bag. There seems to be a line of Delsy Helium a step above what I got, as well. Go here for details - I'm pointing you to what I got, but you can do a search and see the other Delsey items.

I am quite pleased with the luggage, for these reasons:

1 - It's light-weight.
2 - It has a lot of pockets.

3 - It holds its shape.
4 - The roll-on expands and you can smoosh a whole lot of stuff into it! (As witnessed by the amout of stuff I brought from NM!)
5 - It rolls nicely and the personal bag stacks on top well.
6 - I got the red, and I like the color.

The only thing that I haven't liked so far is that it does show travel wear. For example, I now have a small black smudge on the front, probably from the conveyer belts.

I do recommend it.

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Deuterjohnomy said...

Ihave that same piece of luggage! By the way, Marshalls/Ross carry Delsey luggage for really cheap!