Thursday, April 27, 2006

St. Louis Zoo Photos

No tea news in this post, but some fun photos from a recent trip to the St. Louis Zoo with my mom and sis.

Me with my hand on a (fake) cobra. I really don't like snakes. Silly as it seems, this was a big deal. >-)

I love elephants!

This is my favorite photo! This giraffe would eat grass out of kids' hands. It had a really long, black tongue, but I didn't get a shot of that.

This polar bear is splashing around. He or she was sooooo very playful! First, the bear dove into the water. Then it started play with the balls. It would float on its back and toss the ball into the air, then catch it. If bears can be show offs, this one was!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. As usual, our mom and daughters trip was alot of fun. The trip to the zoo was alot of fun and relaxing also.
As Gary said, the zoo probably enjoyed having three extra monkeys on hand.

John said...

As they say, exposure is the only therapy to overcome phobias. Next think you know you'll be a snake owner.