Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tea at the Adolphus - Dallas, TX

Two friends and I recently had tea at the Adolphus in Dallas, TX. If you ever find yourself in Dallas, I highly recommend the Adolphus for tea! The tea is served in the beautiful hotel lobby.

Friends at tea (I'm in the middle)

My favorite part, aside from the company of my friends, was the Tea Captain. She is knowledgeable about Afternoon Tea and the teas being served. The teas are presented on a cart, in silver tins. A larger urn keeps the water piping hot. The Tea Captain pours loose tea leaves into a paper filter and steeps in the pot. She returns to remove the filter and pour the first cup. It was a marvelous tea experience - one I won't soon forget! We each picked a tea, one for each course. We chose: Green Passion Fruit, Organic Darjeeling, and Caramel Pear (a dessert tea). They were all very delicious!

Tea Captain at the Adolphus
Also notice the beautiful tapestry in the background

The food was wonderful! We started with shortbread cookies. Then we moved to the assortment of finger sandwiches. Next came the scones with cream and raspberry jam (below). Desserts were a wonderful selection of small sweets. We ended with an assortment of truffles. My favorite was the champagne and white chocolate.

Scones, jam and cream, and desserts

Here is a photo of some of the Adolphus architecture.

As we were leaving the hotel, we found a picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, from a state visit a few years ago. It's fun to think the Queen might have had tea in the same room as I did! :-)


Teafan said...

Lovely photo of you and friends!

Anonymous said...

we look great :) thanks for sharing...connie