Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Collins Living-Learning Center

I gave a tea talk last night at the Collins Living-Learning Center on the campus of Indiana University. I had a great time and hope the students did, as well! Thanks for the invitation!

The students asked thoughtful and insightful questions - some that even stumped me! We talked about tea etiquette (like where to put the teaspoon on the saucer), the history of tea and the processing of tea. A few students came in cool hats, pearls and fun attire. (See bottom left of photo.)

I promised to post a couple of URLs for websites that list tea spots around the US. Here they are:

Great Tearooms of America


Tea Guide


Anonymous said...

Well done on the tea talk, Stephanie, and thank you for mentioning Great Tearooms of America.

Just think: 2 weeks from today you and I will be students in Jane Pettigrew's Tea MasterClass in London!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!

Take care, and see you at the airport!


Jes said...

OH HOW FUN! A "tea talk"!

way cool!


Julie said...

We can't thank you enough for the wonderful tea experience, Stephanie. Now Collinsites will have perfect etiquette while lunching in the dining hall! We appreciate all you did to make this a success at Collins.


BOEP co-chair