Wednesday, February 14, 2007

V-day Ice Storm and More Tea Poetry

We got hit by an ice and snow storm in the Midwest last night. Lots of people are without power. I'm lucky to still have power, which means I'm warm but I don't get a snow day, either. In the first two photos, notice the branches are completely surrounded by ice. It's pretty. The DH and I were out and about yesterday afternoon, and we could hear branches regularly popping and then falling. It was an awesome sound, truly.

Have a nice Valentine's Day. Here are a few love poems of tea. (Originally found on Cup of Tea and a Blog.) The imagery is fantastic and very evocative -- You can decide of what.

Love Poems of Tea

1 If I, the boiling water,
And you, the tea;
Then your fragrance
Has to depend solely upon my plainness.

2 Let your dryness inside me
Softly uncoil and stretch;
Let me dissolve
Imperceptibly, your tension.

3 I have to be hot, even boiled
Before we consume each other;
We have to hide, see and hold
each other in water
to decide
a tea color.

4 No matter how capriciously
you drift;
Gradually and slowly
(O' gently)
You will into me submerge--

5 By that moment
the most bitter tear of yours
will become a best sip
of my fragrance.

Cheung, Dominic. Drifting. Green Integer: Los Angelos. 2000. p. 18.


Allison said...

I love the poem!

John said...

whew, is it hot in here????!!! Steph sometimes you phrase these sentence that are just unintendedly hilarious (or so I think). Like 'v-day ice storm' which gives the image of the coldest and most loveless v-day of all time. You're brillianT!