Thursday, January 03, 2008

Shiny, Red and New

This was a Christmas gift from Santa. I love the color gradation on the tea kettle! It came from TJ Maxx, which has recently had a truly amazing array of nice tea kettles. The old tea kettle (also red) is starting to rust through. Goodness knows the old one has served us well - often used several times a day! The photo below doesn't quite do this justice - it's very large. The kettle will hold enough water for a very large pot of tea and then some!


Spence said...

This reminds me of one my family owned while I was growing up. I still remember the windy wheeze of the pot when the water got hot. Glad to see you had a nice Christmas.

Joyce said...

Just came by for a "visit" today...I love your new tea kettle....have to admit....I use an "electric" ....a "Melitta"'s great!!
I liked your New Years ideals and thoughts....and the "planting of bulbs" to bloom in March! Very good ideal! I have some bulbs I need to get going very soon!
Keep up the is a nice "creative outlet" for many of us.