Monday, June 16, 2008

Let's Bring Back the Parasol!

This post is dedicated to my friends, Ms. B and AZ Tea Lover, both believers in parasols.

That's me, with a lovely polka-dotted parasol returning from a walk downtown yesterday afternoon. No rain to be found (thankfully, as this area has had flooding!). Yet this umbrella-parasol is my friend indeed!

I enjoy warm weather, but I dislike the sun when it shines blindingly into my eyes. Here enters the parasol - I carry my own shade with me. I've just begun to do this, with a an every-so-slight sense of hesitation because other people aren't always the friendliest about it. No matter. The benefits outweigh that silly drawback. Perhaps if we all start carrying parasols, we can begin a revolution!! :-)


Amanda said...

YES!! I have been saying this for years and had even begun looking into making my own because the very few I could find were frilly, period costume looking.

Linda said...

I love the big polka dots. You are smart to protect yourself from the sun.

BloomingtonGirl said...

LOVE it. What a splendid idea.

Angela McRae said...

Steph, I must say, you are the "je ne sais quoi" girl of the tea blogging world! I admire your fearlessness!

parTea lady said...

Good idea. I like to take my own shade to the beach, but never thought to when out for a walk. Guess I need to start looking for a tea themed parasol.

Teafan said...

That's so cool! ha ha - literallly, too!

Anonymous said...

I love it, Steph! It's so YOU - bubbly and vivacious! Seeing women (and sometimes even men) using umbrellas as protection against the sun is not at all uncommon here in Charleston. Fun post!

crescent said...

Fun parasol. I remember when I was a girl I had a beautiful paper parasol of an asian design. I loved the crunch the paper made when the parasol expanded or retracted.

The spokes of the parasol were bamboo. I've often wanted on again.

I'm fair and need protection from the sun. So a parasol would be a wonderful way to accomplish that.

Plus parasols encourage strolling and ease us into a more leisurely pace.

Next you'll be bringing back white gloves!



AZ Tea Lover said...

I periodically have been using parasols since I was in college - being fair skinned and living at high altitude, I burn in about 10 minutes and got tired of hat hair and slatherings of sunscreen. Parasols are great! Glad you are getting good use of that umbrella! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, Stephanie, let's get together and promenade down the street with our parasols and start that revolution here in the Midwest.

I knew you and I were on the same page when we met. I was lucky to be given a birthday gift of a parasol when I moved to Florida in 1986. It is white with handpainted pink roses and has my name in a beautiful script on each section of this ruffled delight.

I loved using it rain or shine in Florida and often bring it out when we have a blazing hot Summer day here in Ohio or one of those gentle Summer rains that come and go so quickly.

I also found a vintage eyelet parasol with a bamboo handle at a tag sale and snatched it up to use with my my "tea dresses".

Don't let the naysayers dampen your beautiful fun spirit. Long live the parasol!

Mary Jane

Bonita said...

Love the polka dots and that's a cute skirt too! Parasols would go over really well at my children's ball games. Everybody resorts to bringing umbrellas to shield the sun, even the men do.