Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Tea: Tea and Travels II

Not a day too is my second Tea and Travel posting, my July tea party theme. I had a Trader Joe's nearby and a movie on the hotel TV! (I don't have TV at home, so this is exciting for me!) I made a nice little tea party spread with sparkling water (and some hot tea), a plum, crackers and cheese, and a heavenly strawberry-peach-cream cheese scone from Great Harvest Bread Company.

It was a great way to spend the evening!


crescent said...

what an exquisite photograph! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That scone looks delish! Hope you are enjoying your time away ....I'm "on my own" this week as well, but am at home. Tonight I watched a video I have been saving: "Iron Jawed Angels", about the [U.S.] women's suffrage movement. I learned so much!

artandtea said...

What a great impromptu tea party spread. That scone looks delicious!
Movies are so much fun. I just finished watching a mini-series about John Adams that was so educational and fascinating.

sweetcakes said...

We too, had a Trader Joe's nearby during our travels. What a treat!