Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tea Review: Mighty Leaf Tea Pouch

The Mighty Leaf tea company recently invited me to review their silken tea pouch teas and sent me three samples. The teas included were Green Tea Tropical, Orange Dulce and Chamomile Citrus.

The pretty little box the samples came in

Gorgeous artwork on packages

The silken tea pouch

The tea pouch/pyramid has recently exploded into the tea scene. The shape of the bag allows larger-leaf teas to be used (typically higher quality teas) and gives the tea room to expand and swell. This is great! It marries the convenience of the tea bag with the flavor of loose tea. The downside, and the one that has prevented me from being a fan of this new development, is that most tea pouches/pyramids are NOT biodegradable. Most of them are nylon. Not so with Mighty Leaf. The company worked hard for a year to find greener alternatives, and came up with a pouch that is biodegradable! Kudos to Mighty Leaf. The company has my vote for this reason alone! Read more here.

But how good is the tea itself? I enjoyed them very much. My favorite was the Orange Dulce. It was very good. The Tropical Green was also good, but my personal preference in greens leans toward unflavored ones. I steeped each of the teas twice (second steeping just a wee bit longer). I thought they held up fine to a second steeping. Also, I appreciated that the packaging had steep times printed on the back. I find this lacking in too many bagged teas.

Tropical Green

Orange Dulce

I didn't try the Chamomile Citrus (allergy issues with Chamomile), but the DH sampled it for me and gave it the thumbs up.

Here's my bottom line - I thought the teas were nice and I LOVE that the tea pouch is biodegradable. I will use Mighty Leaf whenever I want the convenience of the tea bag. And I hope other tea companies use Mighty Leaf's green practices as a benchmark.


VeeTea said...

Cool! I hope they send some my way, too. Gorgeous photos. Agreed on the biodegradable comment. I'm planning to do an article on sustainability in the tea industry soon. Perhaps I'll include them!

Philigry said...

oh, that orange tea looks yummy!

Alice said...

I always love your tea reviews! I do use bagged teas sometimes and my husband always uses them. I'm going to check this out.

Steph said...

PS - More details from the hubby on the citrus chamomile. He says its aroma is very nice. The chamomile is noticeable instantly when the water hits the bag - and the orange scent comes about slowly. It's very aromatic.

Blogging My Life Away said...

Great to know. I didn't even think of the nylon vs silk bag. Love you photo's..great job!

Jennifer said...

Ah, you may have given me a gift idea for a finicky friend! Thanks for the review - I'll check out their site!

Tree and Tea Drinker said...

Hello, I came across your blog while researching loose leaf tea. My husband has an on-line loose leaf tea company--
I am sure he would be happy to send you a sample! He is a one man operation and personally selects all of his teas.
Wife of a tea drinker

Esmerelda said...

Okay--I think you may have played this game before. But I got tagged snd so now I am tagging you.


Shealynn Benner said...

Check out this website:

GREATEST tea I have ever had!!

artandtea said...

Those tea bags look very interesting, Steph. That's great that they're biodegradable and provide extra room for a higher quality whole leaf tea. I enjoy reading your tea reviews!