Saturday, April 09, 2011

Saturday Morning Scenes

What's your Saturday morning look like? Tell me about its colors, textures, visuals. What story does it tell?  What's the central feature? 

Here's mine...the central feature is the lovely northern light.

A favorite mug and a paper-covered egg
The bottom of my slipper.  I wore out my favorite down booties!
The  DH patched them for me.  

On the balcony


Teafan said...

I love the patches!

La Tea Dah said...

Hmmmm, my morning --- is sitting by a large front window and observing my yard which has turned a beautiful green. I've taken time to appreciate the thundercloud plum tree that has burst into bloom. My schnauzers relax beside me as sun streams in the window and makes them lazy. I've enjoyed feeling their thick coats as they have begged for petting. Sounds of music fill the air as my husband has his favorite music playing. I smell freshness in the air and have enjoyed the flavors of a freshly made glass of 'green drink' which I call "salad in a cup". It's a beautiful day!

Esmerelda said...

thunderstorm, open window, reading and writing, chocolate, jasmine tea, sorting socks

Steph said...

Thank you for sharing these scenes with me!

Marilyn said...

Love seeing your Saturday morning color. My Saturday morning was making cream tarts for a celebration for my aunt, slicing strawberries - oh did they smell good.

massagematters said...

The central theme of my Saturday mornings: sleep...soft bed, peace, quiet, cuddly blanket. Your Saturday sounds wonderful!

Marlena said...

Watching the deer herd go by, chasing them from the bird feeder. Feeding the cats and giving them all a good petting because I love how each one has a different texture to his/her fur. The sun coming up through the spinney, pink and gold, the dark trees against the light. Letting all the fur persons out, smelling the earth and seeing that the clover in the lawn is coming up. Our colors are still muted, but there is more pink in the tree twigs, green in the lawn, red in the woodpeckers, raspberry in the house finches, gold in the wild canaries (goldfinches), peacock blue of the grackles. By 10 am the noise of the peepers starts.

Love those patches. Good hubby