Thursday, May 26, 2011

Practicing Joy and Winners!

I chose the title of this blog post deliberately...practicing joy.  Because sometimes we just have to make ourselves practice something that isn't coming easily.  It's not that I'm's just that I feel a little volatile in the moment.  I'll have a joyful day, hour, minute -- and then something happens and I'm swooped up in drama and I allow my joy to leave (sickies, work work work, being homesick, blah blaha,).  I'm working on this, and practicing joy is one way.

Recent things bringing me joy:
* These gorgeous lilacs!  The color, the texture, the fragrance.
* My biggest ever blog giveaway!  417 commenters, oh wow!  Congrats to the winners (see below).
* My husband - he moved us into our new home with very little help from me.
* That my family and friends in the Midwest are safe after the storms.
* My recent trip to CA.
* Sun and warmish temps. 
* US-grown strawberries with cream (eating only seasonal fruit these days, another joy - diving deeply into the seasons).
* It's a three-day weekend.
* My job, I have a good one even on the really Really REALLY tough days (like today).
* Riding my bike to work and looking at all the flowers.
* All the FLOWERS!  Wow - it's Eden around here!

Now to the winners of my blog giveaway!  It may take me a few days (I just moved = disaster in the house)...but I'll ship it next week for sure, just as soon as I unearth the goodies!

Tara at Sew Tara who said, "Yipee fabric!! I'm all about using small bits of fabric lately although I'm not sure what I'd do with charm packs, they seem to nice to cut up! Perhaps a lap quilt, been needing one of those for a while.  needing = wanting, let's be honest. :)"


Angela from Cup of Tea who said, "I've been making pinwheels with charm packs lately, but I'm eyeing a recent Moda tutorial for cathedral window blocks that I think would be perfect for a charm pack!

My favorite thing about Spring? Tea! (Actually my favorite thing about every season :-)"


Connie said...

Steph! you are so right! sometimes we have to well...make our own is there..we just need to get past the 'crud' to see it ;)

Rosemary said...

You have a tremendous list of reasons to be joyful. For whatever reasons, life is challanging and it's up to each one of us to figure out how to respond and cope with it all. Nobody else can be responsible for our own personal joy and happiness. Looks like you're on the right track!

massagematters said...

So true!! and I LOVE the lilacs! So glad you have so many ways to practice joy...we are blessed! Love ya!

SewTara said...

*insert happy dance here*

Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Those are glorious photos

Hootie said...

I am having Lilac-Envy right now! Mine are long gone for this year. :( Thank goodness the rest of the flowers in the yard are starting to bloom!

Janet's House said...

Love your positive attitude!! Great pictures of lilacs; they're gorgeous! Perfect sign of spring

Get Natured said...

Those lilacs are the most amazing shade of purple that I've ever seen- awesome!

Congrats on the big blog giveaway and on the moments of bliss you're able to find amidst the ickies. :-)