Friday, December 09, 2011

Weird Foods from China

The gift basket of weird foods:  Pork-filled moon cakes, deep-fried silkworm larvae, vacuum-sealed eggs, seasoned tofu slices, and chicken's foot

Steph to DH (dear hubby):  What would you like me to bring you from China?
DH:  Just that you have a good time and come home safely.
Steph:  I want to bring you something - you know, like a present. 
DH:  (Pause)  Well, you can bring me some weird foods.

Oh, how I delivered!  Shortly into the trip, my traveling companions got in on the great search for weird foods, too.  "Hey Steph, did you see the blueberry Pringles?  How about the green tea Oreos?"  By the way, the blueberry Pringles were great!  Our best shopping venue for weird foods was the Chinese truck stop!  A must-see if you ever make it to the Middle Kingdom.

Pork-filled moon cake and deep-fried silk worm larvae

The silk worm larvae are typically eaten as a beer snack.  Interestingly, I found them at an upscale tea shop!  I worked up my courage and ate one.  It's a crunchy nothingness, with a bit of a fishy flavor.
The crowning jewel - a chicken's foot

The DH:  "My lovely wife, the generous and delightful person that she is, went to China and all she brought me a packaged, pre-cooked delicacy called a chicken's foot.  I looked at it for a number of weeks, building up the courage to try it.  Finally I could put it off no longer the day came.  I decided the best way to eat this delicacy was to cook it in a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup.  Notice the picture.  I found one little piece of meat, approximately the size of a pencil eraser. The rest of it, in my opinion, was not edible.  The remainder of the soup was as delicious as I remember from childhood."


Rosemary said...

Great post! Love the crowning jewel photo and the final paragraph written by DH... funny!

Esmerelda said...

What a riot! Thanks for the contribution Tom!

VeeTea said...

Hilarious! Love it! Steph, if you come hang out with me in Taiwan at some point, you have to try the killer bee wine. :)

Colleen said...

The DH is a brave soul!
Much fun to read and remember the searches for weird foods...

Angela McRae said...

The green tea Oreos and the blueberry Pringles, yes. Cocoons? I'd have had to have a LOT of that beer before being able to down those. And the chicken foot? Well, let's just say I'm happy my recent prize from your blog was some delicious tea! ;)

(An attaboy to the DH!)

massagematters said...

LOL! I love your DH's contribution to the post. :)

Marilyn said...

Very funny! Your DH has a great sense of humor there.

{ T G L } said...

Steph, I am in AWE!

And I am also very thankful that I keep the Jewish dietary laws, which always gives me a reputable excuse for declining roasted silkworm cocoons and pork mooncake ;)

Awesome post! Hee-hee!


Alex Zorach said...

I've eaten some "weird" foods like this, in Chinatowns of various cities of course, as I've never been to China. I've had chicken and duck feet, and...I love the flavor, but find the texture a little less enjoyable.