Thursday, November 08, 2012

An Autum Poem at the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden on an Autumn Day
11/8/12   ~Steph

The poem was the day, the quiet
The falling twirl of two leaves, entwined
Like lovers landing noisily; their dance the world

The path to myself and the red-gold hillside
The moss on the rocks and the cut-back iris
The fat, slow koi being coy with me

The bench that beckoned
Two cups of tea, one for me
And one for a soul awhile gone

We sat and then
We walked and then
She departed

Me, having said what I needed
Her, having been remembered
Each at peace


Marilyn said...

The photo and then the words just beautiful! Perfect, in fact!
Hugs to you!

The Teaist said...

Beautiful, poignant, bittersweet. May you have fond memories of your dear one, and as we Jews say: "may her memory be for a blessing and I wish you long life."

We all have to face the autumns and ultimately winters of our lives... but spring does come.

Snap said...

Beautiful post, Stephanie. I often have tea with my husband, who went to the stars in 2011. I find it easy to speak to him over a cup of tea. Hugs-----

Steph said...

Thank you for reading and sharing your encouragement! I was thinking of my paternal grandmother.

Karen said...

So lovely, Steph. Thanks for sharing.

Teafan said...

I'd like to se more of your poems.

cha sen said...

I like your sentiments in both words and picture.

David Galli said...

I meant to mention it this evening, Stephanie — this is really lovely!

I second Teafan's sentiments. :)

Writter1 said...

As a bereaved mother, I find solace in the Japanese Gardens I write in. Your words intertwined with my grief today and embraced my pain with your beautiful poem. My emotions were struck by the elements of your photograph.I appreciate your poem that conveys the precious memories I have of my daughter.

Ruth Weston said...

A lovely tribute...such beautiful, heart felt and evocative verse. Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea.

Zaa said...

Such an eloquent posting... The picture poem blend beautiful together...hugs