Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Afternoon Tea and Black Tea in Taiwan

Back to Taiwan travels!

Most of us think of oolong tea when we think of Taiwan, but the island has a long history of producing black teas.  We visited the popular Sun Moon Lake area where we were treated to black tea made from bushes of old growth plants dating to the Japanese occupation era (late 1800's into mid 1900's).  I've grown really fond of this tea.  It's delicious straight up, with no need for milk or sugar.

We stayed at a small inn a few miles from the tourist area of Sun Moon Lake.  The inn showcases the black tea production in the area and plays on a European theme.  They offer a British-style afternoon tea.  

We of course participated in afternoon tea! We enjoyed quiche and this delicious chocolate molten cake with cranberry and tea leaf garnish, along with many cups of the delicious black tea.  The photo below shows the accommodations.  We also had the chance for a Wu-Wo tea session in the front yard while staying here.

 I love the picture below of Shiuwen, our tea expert and guide.  Her laughter captures the moment well.

This afternoon tea experience was a nice surprise for us!  After drinking cup after cup after wonderful cup of tea made in the Taiwanese style, this experience reminded me of tea's diversity and flexibility.  It was also fun to see a "Western" cultural item translated into another peoples' context.


David Galli said...

Great pictures, Steph! The one of Shiuwen really does capture something about her (and the moment) very well — she's such a cutie/badass! And that one of the whole group is great! We all look so... civilized. (How odd. :)

Ana said...

Great pics. I loved re-living the moment through your writing. Thanks!

amherstrose said...

Hi Steph,

When I saw the subject of your post this morning, I decided to brew up a pot of the Sun Moon Lake Tea that you sent.

Oh my, it is indeed an exceptional black tea with a smooth finish and fragrant cup. Perhaps the best I have ever had. Thank you for sharing and I will now put this tea on my list of favorites.

Your Afternoon Tea Time with your traveling companions looks delightful and I am sure was one of the highlights of your adventure. The inn is so inviting I would love to visit there.


Mary Jane

The Everyday Tea Drinker said...

The photos on your site are just awesome. Magazine quality. I found myself staring at the cup and saucer photo more than once.

Thanks for sharing experiences I can only dream about. I almost feel like I have been there through you.

Marilyn said...

Love this post and the picture of the group is particularly wonderful! How I would have loved sitting there with you and sipping this lovely black tea. What a treat! Thanks for sharing this very special occasion with us.

Angela McRae said...

You made soooo many great memories on this trip! I like that picture of your laughing hostess as well. And I got a new idea today too: using leaves from my camellia sinensis as garnish! Brilliant!

Rosemary said...

Looks like such a memorable moment! Thanks for sharing!

Marlena said...

I love sun Moon Lake black tea and I have totally enjoyed your Taiwan Tales.