Friday, June 21, 2013


I like the challenge of this photo.  It makes my brain work hard to truly see it.  The gaiwan on the right is the apparent focus, with its bright color and crisper image.  Yet my eye is pulled toward the soft focus of the teapot on the left.  I have a hard time reconciling the two. The challenge gives me a reason to study the photo at length. The color contrasts, light reflection and textures play into this, too.  I see this picture best when I push my chair away and look at it from a distance, with a new perspective.  When I'm too close, my brain can't make it make sense.

Sometimes my life is like that, with parts that don't quite fit together, each pulling for attention in different ways. I see things better when I remember to push the chair away and look at them from a distance.

Happy Summer Solstice!


Marilyn said...

So true! Thanks for the perspective. It is definitely good when being pulled in several directions to step back, breathe, and look at it with refreshed eyes. Isn't it fun to see a picture at different times and in different ways.

Rosemary said...

Much to think about!

Michelle said...

Such a good reminder. Perspective is definitely a conscious effort!


Karen said...

Wonderful! Happy Summer Solstice to you, Steph!