Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tea Blossom

Camellia Sinensis blossom

My tea plant has had a beautiful flush (growth spurt) this autumn, including a profusion of flower buds. I love to follow the fat, round buds as they develop into this simple flower.
Notice the fall leaves in the background, also reflecting on the front edge of the dish

We (meaning the DH) recently moved the tea plant into a rather large pot and it will be spending its first winter outside on the back balcony.  It's doesn't get super cold (or hot) where I live, and so I think it will be happy there.

Do you have a tea plant?  Does yours live inside or out?


Nicole Martin said...

It's lovely! I'm hoping to experiment with indoor growing soon. I don't think NJ winters are suitable but my apartment is always quite toasty.

Marilyn said...

How lovely! I just love seeing your tea plant thrive and grow. It is perfection in that dish. We have three plants in the ground in our yard, one thrives and the other two so far are surviving.

The Everyday Tea Drinker said...

How beautiful! And when it withers you can soak the little boogers in hot water for a treat.

How big is your plant and how long have you had it?

Teafan said...

That reflection is really cool! And your tea plant is pretty.

Steph said...

Thank you everyone!

Everday Tea Drinker - My plant is about 24" tall and 16" in diameter. I've had it for 3 years. The DH (dar hubby) has pruned it a couple of times to force main branches at the bottom.

Angela McRae said...

Mine is outdoors in my "tea garden," and it has really shot up this year, perhaps because Georgia got SO MUCH rain all summer long. I think the plant likes it this way! Love your photos!