Friday, November 22, 2013

Bamboo Vase

Bamboo vase with rose hips

I've always liked the look of bamboo, but after a recent class on carving bamboo scoops and making bamboo vases, I am even more enamored with this plant.  Technically, bamboo is a grass.  It's strong and grows quickly, making it a wonderful renewable resource. 

I had help in making this bamboo vase, from my Chado teacher. What's cool is that in between each bamboo node, the plant is hollow like a tube.  Using a Japanese hand saw and a vice grip, I very carefully cut just above and below nodes to make the desired length.  Then we used a chisel to cut out a hole in the middle (where the flowers go).  The final step was to drill a hole in the back for hanging.  When I have plants that need water, I use a plastic baggie tied around the bottom of the stems and tuck that inside the tube.  (I don't want mold to develop inside the bamboo tube.)

It hangs in my entryway.  I love it!

The DH, making sure I don't take myself too seriously   


Teafan said...

Cool! Those rose hips look good enough to eat.

Marilyn said...

It is beautiful!
Love the rose hips too!
What a perfect place to hang it.

Tea and Cake said...

Very cool! You can also make beautiful floor boards out of bamboo...

Angela McRae said...

If you lived a wee bit closer, Steph, I could get you all the bamboo you want. It grows like crazy along our creek bank!

Marcia Wills said...

Love the vase! It is beautiful for bamboo vases