Monday, November 18, 2013

Herbal Teas for the Evening

Ginger-Thyme Tea

Hello, blog readers - As the nights grow longer, darker and cooler, I find myself wanting a warm beverage to sip in the evening.  And more often than not, I want that beverage to be without caffeine.  I'm fortunate that we grow many herbs in our garden and I'm often able to make a fresh herbal tisane, like above.  I also enjoy dried herbal/flower teas.  I recently picked up some dried plum blossom and a friend gave me some linden flower tisane (more on these later!)  What are YOUR favorite herbal brews?  Does anyone dry your own herbs?  Any tips there?

Recently, I was approached by the Buddha Herbs company to review some of their blends.  Given my interest in herbals these days, I agreed.  I was expecting a handful of herbal tea bags, so imagine my surprise when I received a giant box in the mail with several boxes of herbal teas as well as supplements!  I have been enjoying the herbal blends, particularly the raspberry leaf. The DH has been drinking the chamomile.  (I don't drink chamomile because of allergies - it's in the ragweed family.) I am also sharing the generous bounty with a local community group that regularly has meetings over coffee/tea, and they send thanks as well!


Ruth Weston said...

Hi Steph...I certainly agree with you! I love an evening herbal tea, but can't drink Chamomile either because of allergies. I favor the fruit flavors. How fun that you got to try all sorts of things!

Teafan said...

Linden flower? Plum blossom? Ooooh, tell us more!

Marilyn said...

Jim has some Linden flower and it is just beautiful in the cup.
I am not so much an herbal fan, but when I have fresh Lemon Verbena in the garden I do enjoy it. I would love to play with some fresh ginger and an herb such as thyme or mint.

Angela McRae said...

I've never made my own herbal teas, but the Ginger-Thyme sounds like a brew I'd greatly enjoy!