Friday, April 18, 2014

In Tea by Tim Maxwell

The spring tea harvest in Alishan, Taiwan
May 2013

In Tea...
I have glanced into tea leaves,
and found a forest.

Tea is all in a moment,
and a way of life.

It is recollection,
and attention to Nature.

A murmur of the breeze through the trees of Autumn,
and the warm of the hearth.

Silent mornings at home,
when rain streaks the windows' panes.

If you analyze tea, you'll find chemical components,
but not a hint of Life.

Analysis is achieved through concentration,
Synthesis arrives through relaxation.

Tea relaxes the stomach,
but it revitalizes the Heart.

~Tim Maxwell


Marilyn said...

Nice words by Tim Maxwell.
Thinking, does tea really not have a life? Hummmm?

Steph said...

I tripped over that, too! After studying this poem for some time I've come to believe he's alluding to the human tendency to analyze - break into component parts- that prevents us seeing the life that is there. Other thoughts?

Angela McRae said...

I love that last line especially! (And, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who rebelled at the line about tea not having a life!)

Guozhi Liu said...

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