Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wisteria by Lady Ise

My neighbor's wisteria, seen out my back windows this morning.  Thank you Kind Neighbor!
We benefit from the Japanese concept of "borrowed views."

Wisteria by Lady Ise

Of wisteria blooms
I caught sight, today, and ever since
As violet
Of the deepest hue, my passion,
Grows ever more profound!

Ise (875 - 938), was a female Japanese poet in the waka style.  
And for the oolong tea lovers reading, see a picture here inside of the famous Wistaria tea house in Taiwan (yes, spelled differently).

Thread of Pearls by Lady Ise

Hanging from the branches
of a green willow tree,
the spring rain
is a
thread of pearls.


Marilyn said...

Interesting, I had not heard of Ise or Waka, but have learned something new today.

The wisteria out your window is amazingly wonderful. Oh I do remember visiting Wistaria tea house.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, mercy, I do adore wisteria -- what a fabulous view!