Monday, May 09, 2005

Today Is A Green Day (poem)

Today is a Green Day

Today is a green day. For tea, I mean.
The green will fill the gaps in between.

Green is full of life and light.
Green gently stirs the seedling’s might.

Tomorrow may be a black tea day.
I’m never sure until it’s underway.

Black tea warms my soul and feet.
Black tea inspires the artist’s heat.

A nice oolong is for moment’s mirror.
And conversation as friends draw nearer.

I save pu-erh for special desire.
Of earth and air and and water and fire.

Then to my humble knees I go.
To imbibe the sacred from long ago.

And last, for special celebration.
A white tea for our confirmation.

To tea I give my heartfelt praise.
To life and love, unfettered days.


Anonymous said...

You impress me with your writing. Your dad always enjoyed poetry, he would get a big kick out of this. I look forward to reading your thoughts and writings.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Steph!

Keep it up - we'll be reading!


(cool poem, too)