Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wild flowers or weeds?

My husband likes to call weeds "nothing but misplaced flowers". Isn't life a lot like that? When something is in our way, we call it a weed. Even if it is something beautiful. Yesterday I was walking down the sidewalk and I noticed these lovely Brassica flowers. They're bright yellow. I imagine most of the car drivers rushing by didn't notice the pretty little flower, and those that did probably called it a weed. But this lovely little flower came home with me and is now glistening in the morning sun on the window ledge in my bathroom.

How does this relate to tea? I am reminded that most of our life is spent in everyday tasks. Working, eating, sleeping. We only have so many of the extravagant life moments (vacations, weddings, etc.) What if we turned the everyday into the extravagant? What if we all found the beauty in the simple wild flowers on the side of the road? What if every sip of tea were savored, rather than gulped? One of my favorite quotes comes from the Republic of Tea: "Sip by sip...not gulp by gulp." May you sip your tea slowly today!

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Allison said...

I couldn't agree more. :)