Saturday, May 21, 2005

Traveling with Tea

I'll be gone for a few days. Business trip. This trip requires special packing of some special tea. (I don't mind the tea bag variety once in a while, but not for a week.) Fortunately, I pack pretty light. So, that means I have room for my very own electric kettle (a small one) and a stash of tea. I wouldn't dream of using the in-room coffee maker to heat my tea water!!!

Which tea to take? Oh, this is a tough decision! I'm waffling between a green and an oolong. I think I'm leaning toward the green. It's a special one - part of a gift from my Mom at Xmas. She enrolled me in a tea club. Every 2 months, I get a new (premium) tea. It's so exciting! This particular tea is called Snow Water Dragon Tips. It's best brewed in a gaiwan (see photo), tho for the trip my beautiful gaiwan will stay home.

The tea will go in my carry-on, of course! Let my clothes get lost, but not the Snow Water Dragon Tips! (It's a unique tea - and expensive.) I've had funny experiences with carrying on my tea. Twice my bag has been searched. I'm not sure which looks suspicious: the tea itself or the teaspoon strainer that I use when I travel. >-)

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